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Sep 25, 2007 · Beard Axe by Gransfors Bruk $386.95 GunLogic. Joined Aug ... and am planning on adding the 23.5" chopping axe and either the 23.5 or 17" splitting axe in the near ...

Shop Gransfors Bruks Splitting Wedge by Gransfors Bruks. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.
FOR SALE - Inland Empire, CA - Gransfors Bruk Splitting Maul 31.50 Inch Wood Splitting Axe, 450 (160) Description The Gransfors Splitting Maul can be used f ...
May 21, 2020 · Last updated on May 21st, 2020 at 09:19 pm. There are many brands producing quality handles for the axes like Gransfors Bruks, Estwing, Fiskars, Husqvarna, and many more. Ax handles can be made of different materials as discussed below.
The Gränsfors Large Splitting Axe can be used for splitting all types of firewood. It is forged and ground to a concave, quite thin blade at the bit. The axe cuts quickly and easily into the wood and then effectively splits it as the broader section pushes apart the wood.
Jul 4, 2014 - Find the best Gransfors Bruks Small Splitting Axe at L.L.Bean. Our high quality Knives and Tools Axes and Saws are thoughtfully designed and built to last season after season.
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  • This Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet is expertly crafted by experienced Swedish smiths whose skills and designs are world famous. Each hatchet head is individually hammered into shape and bears the initials of the smith who made it, creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
  • Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe. Drake Off Road Tools Outdoor Axe is a small, general use hatchet. It is easily controlled with one hand. BUY IT NOW. The Outdoor Axe can be used for chopping and splitting, and can serve as a knife. This is a great little hatchet that is usually overlooked by Gransfors lovers.
  • At Gransfors Bruks, the forging crafter is allotted sufficient time to complete each axe or hatchet with the care necessary. The smiths do their best forging right from the beginning in order to produce the finest axes and hatchets in the world. Customer Reviews. Most helpful customer reviews. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful ...
  • Gränsfors Bruk’s axes are divided into five different categories, based on their specific areas of use. The five categories are: Forest Axes, Splitting Axes, Log-building and Carpentry Tools, Double Bit Axes and Ancient Axes.
  • Jul 09, 2013 · http://tinyurl.com/kwa3pnvGransfors Bruks Splitting HatchetProduct Review Click on the link for more reviewsFull grain-leather sheathHand-crafted Swedish Carpentry20 ...

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. The Gransfors hand hatchet is a small axe, which, as the name suggests has been built for single-hand use. Unlike the mini hatchet, these have more weight to them, making them small, powerful and very effective at shaping wood and splitting kindling for campfires. Each hand hatchet is small enough to carry on a belt or fit within a rucksack or tool box.

Gränsfors Bruk. 17K likes. Gränsfors Bruk - We have been manufacturing axes since 1902 This is the official Facebook page for Gränsfors Bruk Gransfors Bruk Large Splitting Axe 442 $ 199.00. See full description . CRKT Wood Nobo 19″ Tomahawk Axes Tennessee Hickory $ 44.95. See full description .
You see, they have three different hatchets, four medium-sized axes, lots of wood-shaping axes and tools, etc. Gransfors Bruk makes over 25 products; at least 12 of them being some type of axe. They have a USA Distributor in Summerville, SC and their axes are available in various retailers across the states.

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We supply an axe book with all of our Gransfors axes free of charge! Designed for splitting apart large chunks of wood, “rounds”. This fine firewood splitter has a heavy head (3.2Kg) and flaring cheeks for efficient splitting action-and it has a steel sheath just below the head to protect the 80cm long hickory handle. Face 6cm. The maul’s hardened flat poll is designed for poun